7 things you didn’t know about the new and improved Mecoms R4!

6 Jul 2017 - 10:15


By now, you probably have heard about Mecoms already: our solution for suppliers and retailers in the utility sector has been proven to help serving customers in a better and cleaner way. And now, Mecoms R4 has arrived. But what is so different about this new and improved version? We’re more than glad to sum it up for you!

It’s the fastest release ever

No need to elaborate much more: performance benchmarks have shown that the release has approached warp speed when compared with the earlier R1, R2 and R3.

It’s always compatible with MIA...

MECOMS at the movies

9 Jun 2017 - 13:00

The government encourages Dutch houses and businesses to be heated less by gas and more by renewable heat. That was the reason for ees Holland to organise an event, in collaboration with their partners, specifically targeted towards housing corporations, real estate managers, project developers and heat & water suppliers.

ees is an independent energy-/ engineers office focused on protection of the climate and energy-efficiency with 'eesy Heat Service' being their total solution for heating suppliers which also includes an integration with MECOMS.

It is with pleasure that...

Event: Eerste hulp @ warmtebeheer - 8 JUNI 2017 (in Dutch)

9 May 2017 - 17:15

Aanleiding voor het evenement?

De overheid stimuleert dat Nederlandse huizen en bedrijven minder door gas en meer door duurzame warmte en restwarmte worden verwarmd. In deze ambitie spelen groot- en kleinschalige warmtenetten een cruciale rol. Dit betekent bestaande warmtenetten optimaliseren en investeringen in nieuwe netten aanmoedigen. Hierdoor is de regelgeving voor warmtelevering hervormd en de markt geopend. Spelers treden toe of innoveren en ontwikkelen initiatieven. Dit evenement helpt bedrijven en organisaties vooruit door informatie te geven over...


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